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Bursting with exquisite ideas and wanting to leave her conscious footprint on the fashion world Sarah Humphrey knew that starting her Chasing Unicorns label one year ago was going to be if anything the mother of all juggles but one that just couldn’t wait! With four effervescent kids in tow and living in an original vintage bus on a rural property in the Byron Bays Hills, Sarah knew that there was only one way forward if she was going to make her (and all of our) Chasing Unicorns dreams come true and that would be to surround herself with capable, like-minded mummas whose skill sets not only complimented the business but more importantly whose lives could withstand the flexibility of the work/mother juggle.

With a collective 15 children between us, the Chasing Unicorns team of 5 although small most certainly makes an impact wherever you may find us! On any given day this could range from business meetings in parks to the sound of our children's laughter, to photo shoots in the most beautiful of locations with gorgeous models and you guessed it, a herd of children who are not shy about voicing their opinions on all things styling, fashion and modelling! This shared magic, craziness and more often than not chaos is what makes Chasing Unicorns unique, keeps the brand honest and true to its word. At Chasing Unicorns we love and believe in confident beautiful women, strong women, capable women and most of all women who support other women in the quest of making dreams come true.

Sarah herself can always be found with a child on hip, coffee in hand talking passionately about fashion, business and what lays ahead more often than not whilst also building a fence barefoot in a sequinned silk gown surrounded by the rest of her tribe and beloved cloud grey Percheron horses. Sarah is a mother determined to make the juggle work for her in every (and any) way possible and often balances days spent designing and dealing directly with her artisan craftsmen and women, who are scattered worldwide, whilst breastfeeding Coda her youngest just so she will sit still and give Sarah enough precious time to continue to bring to life the incredibly beautiful garments that she is ever so passionate about, those that Chasing Unicorns has become synonymous with. This is the reality that the rest of her team not only understands but also partakes in each and every single day, the ever elusive attempt to achieve the balance of work, motherhood and life. Whether it's the phenomenal Chasing Unicorns e-commerce and marketing manager listing products from her tent beachside at Stradbroke Island while her kids make the most of the summer holiday sunshine or the team's incredible graphic designer who lives and works from the most glorious 50’s caravan with her three kids and husband. From multitasking school drop offs and picks ups with the ever so capable post office goddess that is our warehouse manager to the continual 24hr a day communication of ideas, inspiration and concept pitches between the almost 8-month pregnant content and PR manager, we are not only a team but a family, kids and all!

Sarah Humphrey at home