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Life can take us on many an adventure and the best thing about it is that you never know what festivities may lay just around the corner be it the every day, a good vibes filled festival or a wedding with your nearest and dearest there is always an occasion to dress up and smile!

It seems we have somehow become a “special occasion” society, purchasing clothes for an intended occasion, lusting after instant gratification, rather than for the pure joy that comes from collecting extraordinary pieces and building slowly over time a treasure trove of beauty to pull from when an occasion requires…be that event your day to day, sunset drinks with the girls or a dancing all day festival.

Here at Chasing Unicorns, we believe in the power of dressing in your favourite most stunning pieces every day purely because they make you feel great, give you strength and act as pretty armour against the outrageousness of the world. The great thing about this notion, of a lifetime, spent collecting gorgeous clothing, that you each and every piece adore, is that it means you always have a phenomenal wardrobe filled with pieces you absolutely cherish to choose from, to inspire you and to constantly play dress ups with!

This past Easter weekend saw Sarah her kids and Chasing Unicorns fave Montanna, with her boy in tow, embrace the festival spirit with a trip to the Byron Blues festival where the music and the vibes are always soul touching and ever so captivating. At Chasing Unicorns it's no secret that we like to live each day as if we were attending our own private festival…so there is never a shortage of incredible outfit inspiration floating about! Sarah's innate sense of style saw her delve into the archives of her personal collection, one that has been slowly and adoringly amassed over a lifetime, and team a most beautiful rust fringed dress with a well-loved tee and our dreamy “Since I’ve been loving you jacket” for a look that was unique, rock chic amazing, head turning and sustainable to top it all off!

This is the intrinsic magic of having a wardrobe filled with carefully curated pieces that you actually love with all your heart, each piece with a story, and a meaning to you, whether it be vintage, a garage sale score or a much-coveted purchase that is unique and ethically made, it makes these pieces so much more than just items of clothing bought to wear just that once…instead, these coveted garments become pieces of your life and keepers of your history that you will be able to pass from one generation to the next. This is clothing that can be worn time and time again in a myriad of different ways to any occasion, event or day that life may surprise you with for many generations to come.

This concept of a sustainable, curated wardrobe filled with treasures both vintage and lovingly made is one that should extend to kids wardrobes as well…what better way to impart in them the power of individuality, a love for sustainable fashion and a killer sense of style. For Sarah's kids, festival-ready means their trunk of long collated and lovingly treasured kids vintage gets thrown open and its free reign to style up outfits themselves. Whilst some adult vintage requires careful searching and hunting and many pieces are often elusive…with kids vintage, we are so fortunate to have access to a few cool stores that do the hard work for you and offer to you the very cream of the crop in terms of mini vintage…a few from Sarah's list include @squashblossomvintage, @vinnieandvelvet and her new fave discovery @eastcoastgeneral….for more rad kids wear she scours Etsy and flea markets where the possibilities are bountiful and endless!

Style should never be just about the occasion, it should be about the connection you have with your clothing, the memories and stories woven into each garment and the love that you hold for each carefully chosen, lusted after piece rather than a fleeting, meaningless moment with an item bought “just because” for an occasion. It is these pieces from our treasure troves that stand the true test of time, style and trend for they are the pieces of our heart and souls that reside in our wardrobes awaiting their turn in the sun xx