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An exclusive insight into the world of our beloved Chasing Unicorns goddess Bee Cooper as told in the words of Sarah Humphrey herself.

I’ve worked with Bee Cooper on a weekly basis for almost a year now and after much pestering, I’ve finally convinced her to give you a little glimpse into the woman behind the “face” of Chasing Unicorns. She is far too introverted to waffle on about herself but has allowed me to do it for her...

I adore Bee. Not just for her obvious beauty but for who she is. She’s quiet, thoughtful, self-content and an absolute dream to be around. She’ll be right with me moving heavy furniture or chasing my runaway children as we shoot. She has a great personal style, a bit grunge, a bit girly all with a good dose of ‘90s vintage thrown into most outfits. Even when I’m styling her to death, we always leave her rings on to add a bit of Bee into all of our shoots.

Bee and I had similar upbringings- we both have one sister, were competitive swimmers growing up, were raised on acreage with horses and are always content just being in our own company.

Bee has a diploma as a makeup artist and beauty therapist but doesn’t intend to work in either of these fields. She started modelling about 3 years ago in Germany, whilst over there living with her sister, Mia who was a professional dancer employed in Germany. Bee and Mia are very close and Bee was keeping her company, working retail and made the fortuitous decision to sign with an agency. She got work (obviously- she is pretty much the biggest babe on the planet), and when she eventually came back home to the Gold Coast two years ago she continued to model full time.

Despite having multiple agents trying to sign her over the years, Bee has remained self-managed by choice. She likes being the master of her own destiny, only working when it suits her and only working for brands that she wants to work with. Like I said before, she is an incredibly self-conscious person and is super happy with her life as it is right now. I think this comes across in her images, a 26-year-old goddess content in her life. When I was 26 I suddenly hit a massive wall of angst! I was living in a little stone cottage at Punta De Lobos in Chile and I knew my life lacked the depth and meaning that I needed. I felt so much pressure to “get on with it”. Bee, on the other hand, has none of this angst! She is just happy being in the moment and has total faith that whatever comes next for her will come when it’s meant to and will be exactly what is needed at that moment in her life. Knowing Bee, I tend to think her perspective is just right!

Because I never plan on not using Bee as my face (sorry for the lack of diversity), you will have the pleasure of following this wonderful woman and her life journey for many years to come as she lives it week by week chasing my babies and holding still long enough to be snapped looking magical in my dresses.

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Bee Cooper
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