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About Us

About Chasing Unicorns

Welcome to Chasing Unicorns, we are so glad to have you on board as part of our story.

Chasing Unicorns grew from a life long love of vintage, wanderlust, and the desire to create beautiful, timeless, quality pieces that are made to last. We adore the idea of long-lasting fashion and have endeavored to design each piece with luxurious, unique hand-finished detail that will ensure the wearer treasures and covets it forever.

About Chasing Unicorns
About Chasing Unicorns

Since the beginning of our journey Chasing Unicorns has championed a less is more ethos. Speaking to the Chasing Unicorns woman with a balance of both Bohemia and vintage appeal our pieces hope to inspire a sense of "wear what you love every day - not just on special occasions" style, which has now become the Chasing Unicorns mark.

We love the imperfect, artisan aesthetic coupled with natural fabrics (raw textures) and a hand made approach that creates a unique feel and energy to each truly limited edition piece.

We believe everything matters and in finding this balance we encourage conscious consumption. Our pieces are made ethically by hand in limited quantities to provide a unique and long lasting experience and in this moment start to make a difference.

Our specially curated vintage collections are selected for their wearability, collectability and as a reminder of the test of time endured by these pieces that inspire us to create clothes with the same integrity.

The result of our passions is a collection of clothing that's pure bohemian, rock and roll fun.

About Chasing Unicorns