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There are very few eras in history that are filled with as much stylistic influence and glamour as those classic old Hollywood years. Filled to the brim with bias cut silks, embellished gowns and flowing capes, old Hollywood produced a plethora of fabulously memorable looks that epitomised not only iconic beauty but an extraordinary style that has transcended across the decades.

At Chasing Unicorns we have a strong affinity with the 1930’s. For us, the elegance, glamour and sensuous, yet concealing ladylike gowns of these magnificent vintage Hollywood starlets are nothing short of inspiring. Old Hollywood style celebrates the female form, clearly outlining it in thin, tactile silks, bias cuts that cling to every curve and shoulders and backs that are exposed ever so magnificently.

The Chasing Unicorns “Lucy in the Sky” Cape Sleeve Dress is our homage to these sirens of the silver screen, to these starlets past who made ladylike and sensuality unforgettable and oh so incredibly dreamy. “Lucy in the Sky” is a party dress that epitomises old Hollywood glamour at its best and is a gown that would look just as perfect on the big screen as Ginger Rogers, waltz’s hand in hand with Fred Astaire in Swing Time as it would out for dinner and cocktails on a beautiful, vibrant woman of the modern day.

In an ode to the old Hollywood aesthetic Sarah has created the “Lucy in the Sky” dress out of the softest most heavenly silk crepe with a silk georgette cape that flutters delicately over the arms and shoulders, featuring intricate gold thread hand embroidery and exquisitely beaded starbursts. This dress is nothing short of spectacular and is destined to become an heirloom forever piece.

The essence of the old Hollywood style is truly captivating with its soft elegance, inherent grace and, undeniable, alluring charm. What woman hasn’t gazed at images of these magnificent starlets from years long past and wished just for a second that she too could feel the magic of those sequins and that silk paired to perfection with a painted pout and set hair….

Whilst the dazzling days of Hollywood's golden years may be long gone the style of this decade remains something oh so close to our hearts…which is why “Lucy in the Sky” is our gift to you filled with all the true wonder of Rita Hayworth, Ginger Rogers, Ava Gardner, Hedy Lamar, Veronica Lake, Bette Davis and all those unforgettable goddesses of the past.

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