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At Chasing Unicorns we stand for the true beauty of women, ALL women in their myriad of different shapes, sizes, skin colours and ethnicities. We stand for the mummas, the free spirits the go-getters and the daydreamers…each and every magnificent woman out there! We believe that the best kind of beauty radiates from the inside out and that being natural and happy in your own skin is the most magical kind of beauty there can be.

As a clothing label, we try our hearts out to advocate these ideals not only through our unique handmade garments but also with our model selection, photoshoots and our real-rather-than-perfect ethos. We are not a brand big on makeup artist and hair stylists and we believe our models are at their most exquisite when they rock up to our shoots fresh-faced, barefoot and embracing their own style… a true representation of their real selves and the perfect embodiment of the Chasing Unicorns woman – strong, feminine, unique and radiant from the inside out.

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